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Temporary Closure of RV Dump Site


Beginning August 30, 2022, the Idaho City RV Dump Site will be temporarily out of service until further notice. 

The city apologizes for the inconvenience, but we are having water demand issues and the city is currently on a moratorium. Unfortunately, the dump station has been abused by those without RV stickers and has put a strain on our city's water system, not to mention our water right allowance. 
It was determined that the best operating solution would be to close it.
The residents are on alternate watering days until further notice and pay full price for these services. Many residents and council did not see it right to put such restrictions on residents when anyone from outside the city can come and get water for free.
We do realize that most RV users are respectful as to how much they use and most will leave a little donation. Again it is unfortunate that we have many from the outside area of the city abusing our water. 
At this time there is not an exact date as to when the RV Dump station will be reopened. Only when our water levels are maintained at a production level to ensure the residents their water will continue to be there for them with no restrictions can the city in good conscience reopen the RV Dump.
The city council is looking into ideas and solutions to keep the abusers from abusing and the only solution at this time was to close it.