City of Idaho City Launches a New Website! Subscribe Today! - October 31, 2018

City of Idaho City is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Subscribe to our site and... [more...]


City of Idaho City....A Great Place to Live!

In the City of Idaho City, we are defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear. Small town values, guided growth, preservation of historical, cultural, and natural heritage are just a few of the core principles that makes City of Idaho City a wonderful place to call home.

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Just a friendly reminder -Idaho City Council Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. Holidays may change the date and time. The public is always welcome!​


City Council

Look for recent and upcoming agendas in the government section of this website. There you will find a menu for 2019 Agendas.

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City Council Meeting July 24, 2019

(7/24/2019) The next City Council meeting will be July 24, 2019 at 6 pm.

Drinking Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

(10/31/2018) You can find the most current drinking water quality report under the residents tab

City of Idaho City Launches a Brand New Website! Subscribe Today!

(10/31/2018) We are excited to announce that our new website has launched and includes all the information our community needs. Check back often, as we will be adding information every day. Subscribe and receive news and alerts via email and text. Let us know what you t...